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Zirconium(IV) oxide

Product name: Zirconium(IV) oxide
CAS NO: 1314-23-4;53801-45-9
Molecular Formula: Zr O2
Molecular Weight: 123.2228
Physical and chemical properties: Properties: white amorphous powder. Melting point 2715℃ , Relative density 5.85
Uses: use in the production of metal Zirconium and Zirconium compounds, refractory bricks and crucible, high frequency ceramic, abrasive materials, ceramic pigment and Zirconium acid salt and so on, mainly used in the piezoelectric ceramic products, daily ceramics, refractory materials and Zirconium brick, melting Zirconium tube for the smelting of nobel metals, etc. Also used in the production of crucible steel and non-ferrous metal, optical glass and Zirconium oxide fiber (IV). Also used in ceramic pigment, electrostatic coating and paint. Used for epoxy resin, can increase in heat corrosion of salt water.


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